Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recipients of unemployment benefits to work again cleaning subways

This is another one of those ideas that looks great at first glance, until you stop to think about it for a second and realize this is yet another propaganda piece, and actually a very terrible idea. “Why,” you ask, “would it be a bad idea to put people on welfare to work?”

Well right out of the gate we have a problem there. Unemployment insurance is not welfare. It is an insurance program paid for directly by tax-paying workers, in case they ever lose their job through no fault of their own and are unable to find a comparable job quickly. So we aren't talking about people who don't want to work, or are normally unemployable for some reason. We are talking about people who have lost their job through no fault of their own, and have paid into this insurance system. So in other words, this is like being told that you can't collect on your Social Security at 65 unless you go mop out subway trains.

I find it offensive, yet curious that the Daily News does not have the wherewithal to make that distinction in their article. Is the newspaper truly that ignorant, or is this yet another subtle ploy for the hearts and minds of the sheeple, in order to divide and blind them? Notice how in the article, they state that just about every one they spoke with in the subway thought it was a good idea. Also note that the poll questions shows shows about 99% of the people in favor, while reading over their comments section there is nowhere near that same rate of approval.

Here is a link to the Daily News article...

Well since I have started asking questions now, here is another big one that needs answering. If the MTA has work available, why aren't they hiring these people directly, and keeping them off of welfare in the first place?

Oh, but these aren't actually paid jobs.

You know, there is a word for forcing people to work without pay, it's called slavery.

But it's not really slavery because they are being paid in foodstamps, and given shelter with programs like section-8.

Now this may come as a surprise to you, but even slave-owners fed, sheltered and clothed their slaves. Slave-owners knew that they had to take good care of their slave-worker, the same way you might take care of your car, or a farmer takes care of his tractor.

But this isn't really slave labor because these people have a choice, they could have gone out and gotten a job.

Oh really? So in the last few years tens of millions of Americans up and decided to become lazy all of the sudden and not take any of these millions of jobs that are out there? Yes, that is sarcasm you are detecting.

Now let's not forget, that it was the banks who drove our economy into the ground in the past few years, putting millions out of work and onto government programs, and it is banks like JP Morgan and Chase who are now clocking a fortune off of welfare Electronic Benefit Cards. When private companies control the government, you have fascism folks.

So slavery doesn't bother you? Not afraid of Fascism? Well try this on for size you good Republican voter, or you mindful Conservative Democrat. What do you call it when you have a separate class of workers who receive no pay, but instead live is state-tenements, wearing state issued clothing, and eating food bought with government ration vouchers? Thaaaat's right hot-rod. Communism. If you support this program, you are a dirty Commie. You are telling the government that the American worker is not worth anything more than some crappy one-room roach dorm and a few slices of processed cheese.

Don't let Americans become slaves to Communism. Hold our leaders accountable. Tell them that this idea sucks. Welfare is not the result of laziness and bad choices, it is the product of failed policy and vampire economics. Last year the MTA laid off over 3,500 paid workers, only to turn around and replace them now with unpaid welfare workers. Coincidence? Does that really even sound like a “solution” for welfare to you?

And for some background info, this isn't the first time they have “tested the waters” with this sort of idea. Check out this article from the MSMR written when Republican candidate for N.Y. governor Carl Paladino has said that he would like to send welfare recipients to go live in vacant prison cells and do work for the state....

...There is an agenda folks, and you aren't scheduled to be one of the winners. Also, check out the article “Unpaid Jobs: The new Normal?” linked here...

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