Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Opinions as headlines

We are all entitled to our opinions, and free speech should be just that, free. But there is still something inherently wrong with newspapers that deliberately and blatantly spread propaganda. It has certainly become more and more prevalent as more and more media outlets come under the control of fewer and fewer companies. And as blatant as it may be sometimes, it is almost as if it is hidden in plain sight with headlines like this one...

Now there are a few big problems with this headline. The first being the use of the word "strongly." So much for objectivity in reporting stating an opinion in their headline.

Second of all, did you actually see that speech? So chock full of the same flag-waving garbage rhetoric that we have been hearing for years that I might have thought Bush was standing up there if Obama had managed to fumble a few words. As if we have some inherent duty to "help" the Libyans, while throughout the rest of Africa, indeed throughout the rest of the world, despots slaughter and starve their people with impunity.

Well enough of my own opinions on the subject, but one simple fact remains. That this newspaper has used a statement of opinion as a "factual" reporting of news in their headline. Trashy reporting or subtle brainwashing?

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