Saturday, September 11, 2010

At the close of a day of refelction, a word from past Presidents

There is such a wealth of information available for research that stands in stark contrast to the commonly accepted story surrounding the events of 9/11, that we here at the MSMReview elected to not try to publish one all-encompassing article to point out the wealth of inconsistencies in main-stream media coverage of the day's events nine years ago, or the subsequent failures of our government to adequately explain the truth. There is no new news today which brings us closer to the truth. Since the disastrous tragedy, much information has come to light which leaves the official explanation a clear and blatant falsehood, but rather than trying to assemble one massive review of all that information that is out there now, we chose to remain silent on this day. This is not the day for controversy or to stir up hatred, capitalizing on emotion to try to make a point. It is a somber day of remembrance. But as this day draws to a close, perhaps we can reflect on the words of past U.S. Presidents...

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