Thursday, July 1, 2010

Police tase 86 year-old bed-ridden grandmother

Lonnie Tinsley or El Reno, Oklahoma called 911 when he became concerned that his grandmother might not have taken her medication. He requested that an EMT be dispatched to evaluate her condition. Instead, he got as many as ten police officers pounding down the door. He was dragged out in handcuffs and placed in a police cruiser. The police then proceeded to administer their brand of justice on  86-year old Lona Varner, who told them to get out of her house.

First they stepped on her oxygen tube until she began to suffer from deprivation. According to the report of one officer, she then "took a more aggressive posture in her bed." El Reno police officer Thomas Duran then ordered a colleague to "Tase her!" He reportedly was afraid for the safety of himself and others. The first attempt failed, as only one barb of the two that are necessary penetrated the targeted granny. The second deployment buried both barbs in her chest and delivered a debilitating electric shock that rendered her unconscious. Police then grabbed her forearms and handcuffed her with such force that it tore open her flesh, leaving her bleeding all over the bed.

Mr Tinsley was released from custody then and allowed to accompany his grandmother to the hospital, but El Reno police then decided to add insult to injury by ordering that Ms. Varner be committed to psychiatric ward. She was held there for six days before being released.

Another report of this incident can be found here...

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  1. This has GOT to freaking stop! I would have went totally berserk had she been my grandmother. The only way they would have stopped me was by shooting me dead. My grandmother virtually raised me when I was young...and I love(d) her dearly...she has passed on, but she is always in my heart!

    When are We The People, the EMPLOYERS of these thugs, going to demand justice and hold these nazi's accountable???



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